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A Guide To Safari Holidays In Africa

If you are thinking of an adventure holiday, why not go safari in Africa? The endless options available means only one thing: Plan your trip way in advance. Whichever is your choice, you'll definitely be one big step closer to NATURE.

Looking for warm weather, Southern and East Africa with the Indian Ocean offering beautiful beaches will keep everyone in the family smiling throughout. For first time visitors to Africa, package guided tours are recommended. You need only decide the type of safari you want to experience. There are camping safaris, adventure safaris, motor-biking safaris and the list goes on. Tour packages for Safari adventures usually range from five to twenty days.

South Africa, having the most number of private game reserves, may be a good place to start. From the Kruger National Park to the Cape Town Coast where whales sighting are popular in spring. Namibia offers great canoeing experience on the rapids of the Orange River and breathtaking sceneries along the edge of the Fish River Canyon, not forgetting its famed sand dunes at Sossusvlei. Cross over to Botswana where you can explore its vast and intrinsic waterways in quaint canoes called mokoros. Botswana is famed for its crystal clear lakes and lagoons. How can one not visit the majestic Victoria Falls in Zambia. Ask your guide about the famed Devil's Swimming Pool. It will make your visit to the Victoria Falls most memorable.

Tanzania with a concentration of one of the world's wildest animal populations is a must for the more adventurous. With game reserves to spoil the fussiest of the wildest, do not give the Serengeti a pass. Around October every year, over a million animals migrate overland from the northern hills toward the southern plains in search of rain. They return to the north in April with almost a quarter of the population reduced from injury, exhaustion or for just being in the weaker chain.

For the truly adventurous, make a camping trip to Malawi, one of the world's least developed and most densely populated countries. Start at Lilongwe and make your way down to the lake where you can camp on the beach. Lake Malawi, one of Africa's gems is the ninth largest lake in the world borders Mozambique as well. Its fresh water provides food for the locals and before leaving Malawi, try the local chambo (fish) and porridge (corn or cassava flavoured).

Wide arrays of Safaris in Africa await the adventurous. You have only to decide how much adventure you are ready to take on.

By: james@holiday-velvet.com