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African Safaris Faqs Making An Ideal Holiday In Africa

How much time do I have available for my African safari?

You should allow a minimum of about two weeks. Also, take into consideration (especially if you are traveling from the West Coast) that you need to allow two travel days to get to Africa and at least one day for the return. For the game viewing part of your safari (excluding travel time to the safari regions), a minimum of 5-7 nights in preferably two different wildlife regions is ideal.

For example, if you choose Botswana, it's better to include at least one camp in the Okavango Delta (preferably two to allow you to experience the Moremi Game Reserve) and as time permits, a camp/lodge in Chobe National Park, a great contrast and an excellent stepping stone for Victoria Falls. For an East African safari, like Tanzania, either a driving or fly-in safari is suggested. And, for this, you should allow a minimum of 8 nights. If you would like to combine the Maasai Mara in Kenya, another 4 nights is the minimum we recommend.

When should I travel?

Many people want to know the "best time to visit Africa." This largely depends on whether your main focus is game viewing and, if so, high season is generally June through October. High season is also the dry season in both East and Southern Africa. In Southern Africa, December-March is commonly referred to as the "Green Season," which is also the rainy season in the game viewing regions; however, this period offers benefits such as herbivores have their babies and lush green landscapes and dramatic skies make for superb photography.

In general, temperatures are similar between the East and Southern African regions with May-August being the cooler winter months. East Africa has a long rainy season (April-May) and a short rainy season (November). Again, the holiday season (mid-December У mid-January) is "Peak Season" in East Africa as well as in Cape Town, South Africa, being the dry summer season. East Africa is renowned for its wide open plains and huge herds, especially during the migration of wildebeest and zebra, commonly referred to at the Wildebeest or Annual Migration between the Maasai Mara in the north and the Serengeti in the south. It is a spectacle not to be missed. It is difficult to predict the migration but in general you have a good chance to witness it between the months June-August.

Should I select a Group Safari or a Tailor-made Safari?

Group Safaris: These are set up in advance by the operator. Touring arrangements and lodges/camps are already selected and number of days at each property as well as set departure tour dates. Some group tours have an escort and some are locally hosted. For group safaris in particular, we suggest you plan your safari well in advance. Since safari properties are relatively small, space is limited and therefore fills quickly. When travelers book less than 90 days prior to traveling, group space has often either filled or has been released. Note: If you find a group safari itinerary that suits you and it turns out to be full during your time frame, then we can build a comparable tailor-made safari for you to suit your travel dates and interests while accommodating you at excellent lodges

Am I planning a Africa safari with family and/or friends or as a solo traveler?

A safari is a special experience to be shared with family members or with a group of friends. The group safari departures range in participant size from a minimum of 2 up to 24. Or, we can arrange a tailor-made safari for your special group or occasion (family reunion, birthday, honeymoons, anniversary celebrations, etc). If you are traveling solo, you may choose to join a scheduled group safari or even a previously privately arranged tailor-made journey, which translates to shared game drives and meals at safari lodges and camps.

Africa Luxury Safaris: These adventures highlight the best wildlife viewing areas in the predator rich regions visited in specially designed 4 x 4 game viewing vehicles. These small group departures are joined by excellent rangers.

Walking Safaris: Experience the excitement of a small group safari on-foot in the company of experienced trackers and guides who are trained to ensure memorable wildlife encounters as well as safety.

Sights & Safaris: These signature itineraries combine the excitement wildlife safaris with the best sights and experiences in the region; from amazing cities to wine tasting, from awe-inspiring scenery to train journeys.

Mobile Tented Safaris: Luxurious tented, seasonal camps move around bringing guests within range of impressive wildlife.

Family Safaris: Designed specifically with families in mind, these itineraries capture a safari experience that will appeal to children, parents, and grandparents alike.

Fly-in Safaris: Experience the beautiful expanse of the African savannahs with these exciting fly-in journeys. Utilizing flights between safari camps to maximize game viewing time.