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Experiencing The Exciting Bus Trip From Miami To Key West

Perhaps you are wondering why tourists keep on talking about the bus trip from Miami to Key West, Florida. The reason for this is that people want to have fun visiting Key West without spending so much money in doing so. Taking the bus is the cheapest way to see all the islands situated between Key West and Miami. Aside from this, driving your car to such a far destination will take several hours. You will surely tire yourself in the process and end up unable to enjoy the sightseeing trip. Besides, there is no logic in spending much for your car's fuel when you can do away with this unnecessary expense by just taking the bus.

The excitement of the bus trip begins when you leave the Florida mainland and start crossing the numerous islands along the highway route to the southern tip of Continental U.S.A. Not many people can boast of having seen all these islands in their lifetime. These low lying islands shows a unique environment that thrills the people who watch the natural dune formation and the marine life that comes with it. In the bus trip from Miami to Key West, one can witness the magnificent scenery of the numerous islands of the Florida Key. When you finally arrive in the island city after the four-hour trip, you will have many places to visit and many activities to do. You cannot do all of them in just a single trip so it is best to choose the ones that fit your preference.

If you love the outdoors, there are lots of fun events that await you at the island. You can visit the great coral reefs to go snorkeling or view the marine life in the corals from aboard the glass bottomed boat designed for that purpose. There are firms that rent out jet skis for you to experience the thrill of speed gliding over the sea waters. You can also try parasailing, rising into the air in a parachute while being pulled from behind the fast moving boat for a spectacular view of the ocean and the island bay. If you just want to watch other folks doing their thing at the beach, you can just lie down in a divan and bask under the sun in the different beach fronts available in the island city.

Those with the penchant for historical places and momentous landmarks will have plenty of places to visit. At the Old Town, you can see the century old architecture of houses and great mansions that line up the ancient streets. You can either ride a rent bicycle or join a walking tour for this purpose. You can also visit the art studios, sculpture garden, cottages for artists, botanical gardens, exhibition hall, Lighthouse Museum, the Ernest Hemmingway residence, the butterfly and nature conservatory, and many other historic sites. In the late afternoon, you can watch the spectacular sunset from Mallory Square and be grateful for the opportunity brought to you by riding on the bus trip from Miami to Key West.

By: miamiattractions