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Inbound Call Centre Trends In South Africa And The World

Inbound call centres are the primary method of contact with existing customers for most large companies. Retailers and other consumer based service providers use inbound contact centres to provide customer care and consumer care services via telephone, email and fax.

Large international corporations are quick to see the advantages of outsourcing their inbound call centre operations to South Africa. Amazon, Lufthansa and Samsung are just a few of the companies who have outsourced their customer care call centres to Cape Town in recent years.

South Africa offers is a multilingual staff and greater cultural affinity¶As a result, South African call centers will be able to provide higher quality customer service and sales services, with a particular focus on the financial services industry - destinationcrm.com

In 2004, research firm Datamonitor predicted that although the contact centre industry in South Africa was set to grow, it would be behind other outsource destinations such as India and the Philippines. The shift to other destinations such as South Africa due to a greater affinity with Western culture was also predicted. It is easier to provide better customer service to American and British consumers calling inbound call centres when the call centre staff are fluent in English and are familiar with the consumer's culture.

In the past decade, the Indian call centre industry has boomed, and along with it complaints from customers. Now dissatisfaction with accents has prompted some British and American companies to move operations out of India. - bbc.co.uk

This has been proved correct by recent news showing that large corporations in the Western world are moving their inbound call centres from India to places with closer ties to the countries where the consumers are calling from. With similar time zones it is easy and cost effective for South African contact centres to provide customer care services during normal European working hours. Contact centre agents in countries such as South Africa can communicate easily with American or European customers due to their proficiency in English.

Fusion Outsourcing is among the top inbound contact centre service providers in South Africa, along with other providers such as Merchants, Aegis and Teleperformance.