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Poverty And Hunger In Africa Ц Can We Help

You will all, at some stage have seen the heart wrenching adverts on T.V from organisations appealing for the support of poverty stricken communities around the world; where these donations have helped greatly, poverty and hunger are still rife.

What are the effects of poverty?

Africa includes some of the poorest countries in the world and with harsh environmental conditions in some areas this worsens the effects of poverty. The land and weather conditions have a huge impact on how these countries can survive.

Climate change

Constant drought, flooding and the dramatic changes we see in weather conditions have a huge impact on poverty now and in the future. It can ruin crops and farming subsequently affecting food production, income, hunger and poverty. Climate change is something out of our control, but we can provide these developing countries with better support and prevention methods.


With around 7 billion people in the world, an estimated 925 million people suffer from hunger, that's around one in seven people.

As you may expect, poverty is the main reason for hunger. Lack of resource and income deprive these countries of maintaining their food source. In addition to this, hunger in some cases can cause poverty. The malnourishment of many people in developing countries has an effect on their ability to work. Poor health, low energy levels, disease and mental illness can lead to greater poverty as people lose the ability to complete education and move on to work. And so the cycle of poverty and hunger continues.

The World Bank has estimated that there were around 1,345 million poor people in developing countries who live on $1.25 a day or less.

How can you help?

There is no solution set in stone for the issues we see in the developing world, however volunteers and charities work together in order to make improvements and support communities and individuals.

These organisations however, can only do so much and do need help from donations and sponsors in order for them to continue their work. Let's take a look at how your donations helped just one charity achieve great things last year:

- 80p out of every £1 donated to them went into development work