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Protea Hotels Announce Substantial Investment In The Africa Holidays Market

The Protea Hospitality Group has recently announced a $130 million USD investment in the opening of new Africa hotels representing the largest expansion on the continent in 2012 of any hotel group. The group will substantially increase its presence in Africa with the new properties set to increase the number of African markets where Protea Hotels will be available to a remarkable nine.

The zeal with which the hotel group is approaching its new investment plan on the Africa holidays market is indicative of its confidence in the African continent as a key holiday destination with a growing interest among travellers in going on holidays to Africa, "As political stability and business opportunities increase, they create a greater need for the hotels and we're leading the charge" noted Protea Hospitality Group CEO Arthur Gillis. Travellers planning their Africa holidays in the coming months will be pleased to know that the first Protea hotel will launch in Nigeria in mid-2012 with 10 other properties to follow in the West African nation together with other African nations.

In addition to the string of Nigeria hotels set to be launched between mid-2012 and throughout the course of 2013, three more hotels will be launched in Uganda with the 70 room Protea Entebbe set to open its doors to guests as early as April 2012. In Zambia, construction has already begun on the Protea Hotel Mulingushi (name to be confirmed) which will boast of 104 rooms while construction on the 80 room Protea Hotel Ndola is scheduled to start in April 2012.

Spokespoeple for the Group have underscored the growing business opportunities coming out of these key markets over the past few years stating, "There are a number of countries such as Nigeria, Zambia, Uganda and Angola that are flying in the face of the global economic trend as far as hospitality is concerned. Africa's traditional trading partners have been changing rapidly in recent years, and this is spurring unprecedented growth in regions that have previously not seen the numbers."

The Protea Group is not the only entity that stands to benefit from this alliance with an estimated 1000 new jobs set to be generated in the tourism industry of these nations on the opening of these new hotels in Africa. Additionally, the many travellers who book Africa holidays stand to benefit from greater choice and hopefully the improved quality and affordable prices that have traditionally accompanied competitive markets. CEO Gillis noted this mutual benefit stating, "It's Africa's year for development and that means it's also the group's year for development”.

By: Susan Crown