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Top Items To Pack For Your Road Trip

When considering scenic drives, perhaps a driving trip with some of the most breathtaking scenery available can be found on a Pacific Coast Highway road trip. Of course any scenic route will make a memorable road trip experience. When planning for scenic drives, it is important to pack the right gear for the trip so that you are prepared.

If one is planning to explore any scenic route, it is always very important to pack a camera. Whether digital, disposable, or a professional 35-millimeter model, having a camera on the driving trip will ensure that you are ready to capture the stunning vistas one is certain to find, particularly along a Pacific Coast Highway road trip.

Simple snacks are also a good idea for prudent packing whether for you or for others driving with you. It is cheaper to pack some cut veggies, sandwiches, and fruit from home instead of having to stop frequently for meals or to purchase overpriced items in convenience stores. Finger foods that aren't too messy are a must when choosing snacks to consume in the car.

Before leaving home on your trip, it is a good idea to check to be sure one has the appropriate toiletries and clothing one needs for the trip. Also, it is very wise to check one's vehicle for emergency equipment such as flares, jumper cables, jack, and a spare tire in good condition. Scenic drives are a snap when one considers not only the scenic route , such as a Pacific Coast Highway road trip , but also plans ahead and packs items that need to be included for the road trip.

By: Fred Ryer