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Why Afro Men Love Big Women

For anybody in this world, getting along with the same race is often convenient. This is because the culture and tradition remains the same and people will find that comfortable. Nature has created man in such a way that genders of one race are made for the opposite gender of the same race. When you look at the structures of men and women in Africa, you will find that they are all well built and black. The color of the race is determined by the climate in which they have to survive and shape of the body is greatly dependent on the ethnicity. The African women and men are found to have more muscles and big bones. Hence, these people are huge when compared to other western races. It is for this reason that Afro men are naturally inclined towards African women.

The African men who are brought up by women in Africa would have lived in a society of big and huge women. The African women are born in that way and their body reacts to food by accumulating fat in the curvy areas. Naturally, men who are brought up by big women love their partner to be big too. They want to live with someone who is a comfortable companion. Since the African women are always big and huge, Afro men are always surrounded by women with big hips and thighs. This has created a strong impression among Afro men that huge women are sexy.

The people who are tall and well built often have an opinion that the sleek and slender persons are not healthy. It is very common that the thin women will look weaker when compared with the huge women. You can never state that the thin women are weak and thick women are strong, but it is natural that your mind thinks that way. The Afro men are huge and they want a huge woman as their companion. They cannot get along with thin women who will not match their height and weight. The bony and strong African women are powerful by heart also and hence, Afro men prefer such women.

When it comes to sexual attraction, men prefer women with curves and appealing looks. The extra sized curves of African women attract all type of men and Afro men are no exceptions. When they have a choice between blonde woman and an African woman, the preference goes to an African woman most of the times. The body shape and figure of African women is God created and they are born that way. Big and huge bodies are made for African women for attracting Afro men.

As always, there are exceptions where African people (men) love to date with white women but majority are attracted to the African women. Similarly, many an African women are also getting married to the white men. Globalization has reached many countries beyond its boundaries and the world is now losing its racist attitude. This change in the attitude of the people is seen in the minds of developed countries while the conditions remain pathetic in under developed countries of Africa.

By: Mike Jonsson